Monday, 23 September 2013


So finally the day has come, we have had the green light from Kickstarter and it's now time to turn our ramblings into a reality!

Please have a look at our proposal and we hope you like the film we have put together.   Our aim is to submit this documentary to all Adventure Film festivals in 2015.


I thought it would be useful for anyone tuning in late in the day to refresh you guys on what exactly we are going to be getting up to, and the purpose of Cracking The Spine.

Back in June, ultra runner, coach and author Andy Mouncey approached us here at Summit Fever Outdoor Sports Media with an immense idea, this idea is Cracking The Spine Film.  
Andy wants to return to finish what he started, with a little bit of help from local schools and youth groups.  

Let me explain a little more...
In January 2013 he took part in The Spine Race, the most brutal winter non-stop 268 mile foot race the UK has to offer. After just over 100 miles Andy had to stop. In January 2014 Andy will be back, more prepared, fitter and ready to face a challenge of epic proportions.

Part of the project is to get kids moving too, as a father, Andy knows the importance of ensuring the people of tomorrow have the skills to make it a bright, shiny place. Schools and youth groups all the way along the UK’s Pennine Way will be running and walking the 268 miles as classes and teams over winter to raise money for Sports Relief and to show them that impossible is just a made up word grown-ups use when they think they can't.  
They will be keeping video diaries to document the ups and downs they encounter and to show how they overcome these challenges.  This footage will be put into the documentary.

Andy’s aim?  To inspire and motivate children through running, to show them the benefits of a life full of exercise, to teach them to think and act like athletes, to show them the importance of making and sticking to a pledge, and how all these skills can be applied to each aspect of their lives.

We, here at Summit Fever, are going to be making a film of Andy's progress, and medical stats, in the lead up to the race, and during the race, as well as the progress that is made in the schools and how running is changing the lives of the children who are taking part.  We need to get them all to the finish!

Cracking The Spine project is designed to engage YOU. Everyone's lives would be a little brighter, a little more fun if they took the courage to take that step so we're giving you the shoes and the push to get you out there and face the impossible. Funded via Kickstarter (our page is now live!) which is a crowd funding website you will be able to contribute to the creation of the film, in return there will be a whole host of things on offer! 

Everyone that watches this film will walk away feeling empowered to try the thing they never thought they could. It's time to show the world what running can do, so please, if you can, join Summit Fever and Andy Mouncey on a journey of a lifetime.

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