Wednesday, 11 September 2013

An Important Lesson

Time flies when you are having fun, or when you have a life-changing looming deadline dangling in your face!  It's now only 6 days until the Kickstarter appeal goes live (more about this closer to the time) and all you lovely lot at home have the opportunity to help us get Andy to the finish of The Spine Race 2014..

However, you are not just helping Andy get to the finish in this film, but also hundreds of school children along the Pennine Way.

Let me explain.....

As you have probably guessed Andy is pretty passionate about the huge impact sport can have on everybody's life, and we tend to be most susceptible to influence when we are green behind the ears, wet behind the knees etc. 
 As youngsters we have excitement and passion for learning and experimenting (sometimes to the despair of our parents).  Andy's plan is to harness this enthusiasm and has set a challenge to selected schools along the Pennine Way to run alongside his Spine Race attempt.

The challenge:

Between September and March 2014, Andy, with the backing of Sport's Relief, will be visiting schools along the Pennine Way to inspire and motivate the children through the medium of sport. He is challenging each school to run 270 miles between September and March.  These 270 miles will be an accumulative effort of a class or a team of children.

The aim for the children is to raise as much money for Sports Relief and to stick to their promise.

Andy's hope for this challenge?  To inspire and motivate children through running, to show them the benefits of a life full of exercise, to teach them to think and act like athletes, to show them the importance of making and sticking to a pledge, and how all these skills can be applied to each aspect of their lives.

Get 'em whilst they're young!

The children will keep video diaries to document their progress, to let us know how they are getting on, the challenges that they, like Andy, will face and how they overcome them.  This footage will add an extra dimension to our film. 

Promises are hard to keep but it's one of the earliest lessons we are taught and which we try to stick to throughout our lives.  

This is one big promise!

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