Monday, 16 September 2013

Building blocks and the Countdown begins...

For those eagle-eyed out there, you may have noticed that our Cracking The Spine blog is now covered in biazrre little squares referring to themselves as ' Building Blocks'.

You might have noticed that we are trying to get people's attention at the moment - force feeding this blog to our friends, strangers, relatives....  This is all because tomorrow - Tuesday 17th September - our project appeal goes live on Kickstarter.  This gives you the opportunity to pledge money towards the making of the Cracking The Spine Film and Project.

We don't expect you to give us money out of the goodness of your hearts (well yes that would be nice but we are realistic!), so in return for your hard earned cash we have a variety of rewards on offer depending on how much you pledge.  The Building Block - is just one reward of many.

Our blog, in 5 days has received over 1000 unique pageviews from all corners of the world.  That is quite a lot for a new blog and for a new project, that was, until a week ago, unheard of.  This blog is going to be updated ever day for the next 6 months.
6 months = 24 weeks(ish), so 1000 pageviews a week = 24,000 pageviews over the next 6 months!

Obviously this is an estimated figure but the way things are going, the interest just seems to be snowballing.

So to get back to the Building Blocks - in return for a small pledge we are going to be giving away these Building Blocks - they are 300 pixels x 75.  You can use these to advertise your business or charity, to write a message, propose to someone (oh go on...), give a shout out to someone special,  shout about something exciting in your life - whatever you want (within reason - nothing nasty please!).  If you want it to link to another site just let us know.

These Building Blocks are going to be seen by thousands of people all over the world.

As of tomorrow, as soon as Kickstarter goes live if you click on a Block then you will be redirected to our Kickstarter page.

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