Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Let's Get Scared a Little More.

Andy Mouncey is a normal bloke, if a pretty fit normal bloke, but physiologically speaking he isn't half mutant or robot, he doesn't have liquid metal running through his bones nor is he a billionaire playboy with a penchant for big metal costumes.

However, our normal bloke is about to do something pretty un-normal, in fact it is quite extraordinary. Andy is preparing to run 268 miles, along The Pennine Way, in British Winter. The challenge is The Montane Spine Race 2014.

It is a continuous, self supported race along 268 miles of the Pennine Way in the darkest depths of British Winter. With only 7 hours of daylight running in darkness is inevitable, oh and by yourself most of the time - over Britain's most inhospitable moorland and mountains.

It's quite a challenge.

Today there is adventure all over the world, which is accessible to everyone with a decent paycheck. This project brings adventure back to our British doorstep. Adventure is here, all around us in Britain's backyard.

We want you to come and join us.

We are making a film documenting his progress, his highs and lows and the final race week. Despite his protestations we think there is something fishy going on in his genetic makeup, so we have medics and university researchers keen to use Andy Mouncey as their guinea pig. This film will not only focus on Andy but on his family, his children and his wife Charlotte.
We want to make a film of this incredible feat and take it to Adventure Film Festivals, get it onto DVD and spread Andy's enthusiasm and motivate as many people as possible to get off their bums and start to include a little more adventure in their lives...

Tuesday 17th September 2013, our Kickstarter appeal will go live - can you help us make this film and get Andy to the finish line?

'The first step leads to the next and so on, who knows where you will end up'

Let's get scared a little more.


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