Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Running simplifies things...

We are now playing the waiting game with Kickstarter - as we are sat twiddling our thumbs.  Only joking we aren't twiddling our thumbs, we are as busy as ever.  Andy has certainly been busy and has already set up the first school to join in with our Cracking The Spine project...

Kirkby Malham School is the first to join up and already 48 pupils have agreed to take part - that's incredible! Next week they will start to tick off their cumulative 268 miles ending with the Sports Relief mile in march 2014.

The beautiful Kirkby Malham - 72 miles along the Pennine Way South to North

I don't know about you lot but when I was at school the thought of running 3 miles around the cross country course seemed daunting enough - the idea of being physically able to run 268 miles just would not have even crossed my mind!

Humour me for a moment and think back to when you took your first tentative step towards the world of running - how did you feel? terrified?  Exhilarated? Freed? I think i can definitely remember a lot of pain!  What is it that makes us push through that pain and carry on - one step after another faster and faster?


We have just asked this question on Facebook and from your replies it looks like everyone agrees that running brings everything into more focus, everything that is going on in your world starts to make more sense, the mind clears, and there is nothing to worry about apart from getting to the next tree or hedge.
Running simplifies things (or when you are running up Parkin Clough, a local nasty hill, - pain starts to simplify things!).

So as we are waiting for our Kickstarter project to be confirmed, we are going to be putting together lots of stuff for the schools - if you could take a minute to scribble a sentence of support to help keep the kids motivated and send it to us at (with the country you are from) that would be much appreciated.

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