Wednesday, 25 September 2013

1st Milestone!

Yesterday  was a bit of a milestone for us.  Some of you may know that we were up at Kirkby Malham school with Andy. Kirkby Malham is the first school to accept Andy's challenge to run the 268 miles between now and March 2014.

Andy gave a presentation on Doing Big and Scary to 48 rapt youngsters, ranging in age from only 4 up to 10.  Matt, John Bamber and I were (also rapt) standing at the back and marveling at how we had never seen so many children completely transfixed by what Andy was telling them.

Andy made a massive scroll, which was all tied up and two girls stood at the front, unwrapped it with excitement and read out the challenge to the whole school.  As they read it out you could feel the anticipation of adventure in the room! All the pupils signed the scroll and it is now hanging up in their school hall.

It was pretty inspiring stuff, but that's exactly what the plan is.  When they went out to do their first mile with Andy, all of them gave every ounce of effort whether they were at the front of the back.

The Headmaster and the staff were so supportive and are completely behind the whole project.  It was awesome to hear what a positive school it is.  They are passionate about giving the children every opportunity they can.

We are excited about going back up there once the project has been funded and hearing how they are getting on.  We will be doing some interviewing with the children to hear about the progress they are making with their challenge.

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