Thursday, 3 October 2013

September 30th Q&A session with Andy

Let the Questions Begin! Please comment them on this post!

Scott Gilmour How will your approach differ from last year's attempt?

Cracking the Spine I'll do some training! And get my head round the whole damn thing instead of the first third. And be positive rather than crapping it. And do detail rather than big picture. And nail the 'what' & 'why' bit. And have oceans of leverage in place. And be focused on me. And be cool with the scenario that even my best efforts may not be enough. So no, Scott - not much different at all..!?!

Scott Gilmour Well I believe your meticulous approach will pay dividend Andy! You WILL complete!

Kevin Watkins How do we get our local school involved in CTS?

Cracking the Spine Kevin, please email me directly so we set up a call time tomorrow.

Kevin Watkins Will do.

Benjamin Gardner-Hall Hi Andy who takes the best photos Matt or Ellie ? lol

Cracking the Spine oi you! but now you mention it - it's a bit like the pesto question if its good mine, if its not matts . Ta Ellie

Cracking the Spine Asking me to drive a wedge into the heart of our working relationship at this early stage is abit harsh dontcha think??

Andrew Bernie Bernard How many calories will you need every day Andy?
What supplements will you be taking?

Cracking the Spine More than I think. One of the lessons of this year was that I was eating and drinking less than I needed (energy for forward locomotion AND heat generation) - so something has to change. One of the leads this project has thrown up is the chance to work with a nutritionist which means I may well be get all scientific with the calorie stuff.

Cracking the Spine Oops - forgot to answer the 'supplement' thing: I don't as a rule. Just not comfortable with it. The only thing I've ever done is multi-vitamins. Given the possibility that we might be going all science-based on the fuel front I am, as they say, girding myself to practice the skills of being open-minded on the subject...Quite a task for a 40 something bloke who knows what he likes.

Andrew Bernie Bernard How much sleep do you expect to get?

Cracking the Spine Dunno. More interested in how much sleep I'll need 'cos this bit is uncharted waters: Do I plan it in advance expedition-style or just go till I drop runner style? Really haven't got that figured yet.

Sarah Gardner-hall Andy what's your biggest motivation to keep going when the going gets tough ?

Cracking the Spine Varies race to race, Sarah. I figure out the 'what' and 'why' for a biggie race each time. Common denominator since becoming a Dad has been our boys: See Dad finishing something he starts and enjoying the process etc...

Pete Harris Hi there . Whats the route.and what time do you.start ??

Cracking the Spine Pennine Way south to north 8am start saturday Jan 11th Pete

Kevin Watkins Andy how do you balance training time, racing and having a family?

Cracking the Spine Sometimes I get close to some sort of balance, sometimes I'm hopeless and every so often we (Charlotte and I) nail it. That's been a key: Practicing the skills of talking and sharing - now there's a concept. I'm better than I was but then priorities do shift when small people arrive. Sometimes of course if endurance stuff is our bag I think it is helpful to put ourselves out of balance, uncomfortable, hurting - as long as you can choose to come out of that and re-charge and our Significant Others have been fore-warned and have signed off on it. It's all still a work in progress tho'

Kevin Watkins Great reply Andy will let my wife read this!

Sarah Gardner-hall Do you think as I do in ultras that so much of it is mental rather than physical & if u can get your head around the distance & event that anything is then possible.?

Cracking the Spine IF you can keep your feet intact, manage your mood and find your way, then yes Sarah - I agree

Pete Harris What is the starting point

Cracking the Spine Middle of Edale village. Follow the nervous laughter - it'll be us.

Thanks to Andy for taking the time to answer all the questions.

If anyone can help us in our mission to raise money for the project please follow the link to the Cracking The Spine Kickstarter Page

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