Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Frequently asked Questions for Andy Mouncey

How old is he?
Old enough to know better (46 and 3/4)

Why does he want to do it?
Unfinished business from 2013 and it's a VERY unique challenge I don't have to travel hundreds of miles/another country to experience

Is there snow and ice all the way?
Could be

How many drop out each year?
More than half

How long is the training?
How long you got?? I started endurance sport in my teens and specific prep for this race started in the summer - so that 30 years or 6 months depending how you measure it

What does he think of when running - family, the next hill, the other runners, a Caribbean beach?
All of the above except the beach (usually nice mug of tea is sufficient level of fantasy in the cold and dark). It usually splits b/w paying close attention to what I'm doing, remembering war I want to happen and why I'm doing this - and drifting away with the fairies

Live graph of heart rate? blood pressure?
Talking to the scientists now so possible

What does it do to him overall, psychologically, physically?
Both a life-enhancing experience (whatever the outcome) and can be destructive and draining physically, mentally, emotionally - before, during and after. The challenge is to harness the former and manager the latter

What is the muscular strain - compared say with walking on a street?
In a phrase: Repetitive Strain Injury

How do muscles keep delivering?
That's what training and goal-setting (motivation) is for

How can conditioning (training) help? Is it a big difference?
Conditioning builds confidence. A big part of success in ultras is about managing mental state: Confidence is the currency

Is the heart muscle strengthened by 2%? 5%? 10%? 20%? etc?
Depends on where the athlete is starting from and type of training they do e.g. - little is any change in a trained runner with many years conditioning, much more for someone relatively new

What is the risk of skeletal damage in a fall?
Higher than normal - tiredness, poor conditions underfoot, carrying a load -all add to risk

What rescue stations are there?
Mountain Rescue Team cover throughout in addition to race checkpoints

How does the organisation keep tabs on everyone?
GPS trackers, checkpoints, mobile phones

What does his wife/family think of all this?
Feel free to ask!

What does his GP think?
It's old news to her...

Are all the other runners like him?
No! I am unique!!

How may the weather change?
Horribly and quickly

Will the event be stopped in deep snow?
If the race organisation can't reach a part of the course then that may happen

Does he have to qualify by having cross-country experience?

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