Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Andy's message to the schools

One Week To Go:  
Andy’s Message To Pupils

So on Saturday I re-sit my exam. 
Last year I failed the test so this time I’ve changed 
my revision – done it different  
because I want to get a different result. 
I’ve done my homework and I’ve learned my lessons – 
I hope. 
We’ll see… 
Something big is about to happen - it’s OK to be nervous – it’s OK to be excited, and I’m 
both right now. Packing my kit, watching the weather forecast, and trying to relax and 
sleep as well as I can. 

The calm before the storm… 
Many of you are partway into your 268 mile challenge, some of you are nearly finished 
and some of you – like me - are about to start. 
There are now 13 schools and nearly 1600 pupils taking part in this Cracking The Spine 
challenge and raising money for Sport Relief: That’s incredible and YOU are part of it. 
My school visits have been very very special, and while it is impossible for me to get to 
know every one of you, I have been inspired by your own commitment, your stories and 
your achievements. I will be packing that feeling in my rucksack to use when I need a 
boost and something extra to smile about. 

I hope you enjoy following the progress of the runners on-line next week and using the 
race in some of your lessons. 

I’ll be back to see you before Sport Relief Day. 
As for next week? I commit to doing my best. 
Will that be good enough to pass the test this time? The only way to find out is to have 
the courage to start… 


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